“I hired Lion Business Brokers to sell my machine shop. I was skeptical when I first hired them because I had a bad experience with another business broker. That’s why it was important to me to find someone professional, with integrity and experience. I’m very happy to say that’s what what I found with Joshua. He was very thorough, collected all my documents and put them together so that a buyer could really understand what they were looking at. He advertised the business, as promised, with heavy marketing and produced a cash buyer in 6 months.

Overall, the deal was very clean and fair on both sides. I felt confident that he had collected all the documents necessary to protect me legally and he used very professional escrow attorneys. I’m happy to say that this transaction went very well, I got a great price for my business and was able to move on without and ties to the business.

I would absolutely recommend Lion Business Brokers to anyone considering selling their business.”


DFW Machine Shop
President & Founder