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Today’s winning Business Brokers need a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology. That is why our services complement the traditional consulting excellence with solutions: technologies and specialized teams that deliver results.

Selling Your Business with LBB

Owners who are looking to sell their business engage with Lion Business Brokers because we are trusted mergers and acquisition advisors. If you are looking to sell your business, our business listing services benefit you by managing listing process, advertising, and qualifying potential buyers. Having the LBB team represent you, gives you access to a team that specializes in marketing business in a way that will appeal to a larger base of qualified buyers. Our business broker services also provide you with the confidentiality you require in your business transactions by permitting us to market and interact with buyers that have gone through our screening process that protects your anonymity.

Business owners interested in selling want to keep their business affairs hush-hush. It’s not always in their best interest to let the public know that they’re selling their business. Maintaining the highest level of confidentiality is a priority for us when representing our sellers. Every interaction that we have with approved buyers is through a non-descript profile that protects the business owner.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are looking to sell your business,  get acquired, or raise capital, we will map out the steps required to achieve a successful transaction.

A Negotiated Sale is the core of what we do as business brokers. We specialize in strategically and confidentially listing, marketing, and selling your business. We have the expert team in place that is required to manage the entire process.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

Lion Business Brokers has successfully facilitated the sale of serval business throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas and the US. Many of these are in the $1 million to $5 million sales price range, and are typically run by the original founder who is ready to exit their business and receive the maximum value for their hard work. These types of businesses are often acquired by financial buyers or individuals who want to run the businesses themselves.

We have a large and highly-qualified financial and individual buyer pool that we have developed, and we know who is actively seeking the right business opportunity.

Client Testimonials

“I hired Lion Business Brokers to sell my machine shop. I was skeptical when I first hired them because I had a bad experience with another business broker. That’s why it was important to me to find someone professional, with integrity and…

DFW Machine Shop
President & Founder

“Working with Lion Business Brokers was a very professional and efficient experience. Our goal was to find a business that would meet our financial goals but as importantly fit into our lifestyle. With your help we achieved both objectives. There were many…

Private Buyer

“Without Josh, I would not have sold my business! What a feeling, to sell the business my husband I built up! Josh did everything – from taking the time to understand our transition goals, listing it everywhere appropriate, weeding out the “real”…

Learning Center Franchise
Director & Owner

What You Have Access to With Lion Business Brokers

Among the most valuable resources that we provide with seller representation is our strategic marketing. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to sell a business quickly. There is far too much competition to make a buzz without the right level of marketing. We go above and beyond to make the business that you own appeal to the right buyers.

It’s hard to find that perfect business if people don’t know it exists. Seller representation allows us to take your business out of the shadows and shine a spotlight on it. We’re able to strategically list the advantages that come with the business and make others become interested in buying it. We even allow you to create a list of approved buyers based on who you think will be the best choice to take over your business with seller representation.

In fact, we vet them to ensure that only those who are serious about getting the financing needed are considered. We also allow you to auto-approve buyers based on your own set of criteria as to what makes a good business owner with our seller representation services. All the interactions that we make on your behalf are confidential in an effort to maintain your identity.

We contact buyers through a non-descript profile as a seller representation company with details about the business being sold. In return, they reply to us, and we negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale. You aren’t forced to juggle your day-to-day activities with the responsibilities that come with selling a business. We do the work for you so you’re able to carry on with your own personal business as usual.

Essentially, we take all of the time needed with seller representation to sell your business, market it in a way that appeals to the right buyers, answer inquiries about the business for sale, and help close the deal so you can make a profit. We also offer business valuation services that ensure that you’re not selling your business for too little. Losing money on what could potentially be a profitable sale is another thing avoided when you hire us for seller representation services.

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