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You may be wondering, what is it that makes one business brokerage or M&A firm better than another, and does the team at Lion Business Advisors have it?

After decades of analyzing and completing deals, working with seller clients and acquisition teams, with multiple team members as recognized Industry Experts by the Business Brokerage Press and Certified Business Intermediaries, through the International Business Brokers Association. We are comfortable stating that know what it takes to get deals done.

We believe that every seller should ask the following of their business brokerage.

  • Can the advisor find the right buyer? Their funnel must be large enough and intelligent enough to respect your confidentiality while simultaneously finding the right buyer who has the funds available to offer an attractive purchase structure, provide a good fit with your exiting objectives, and have the industry knowledge to obtain a successful closing.
  • Can the advisor work the right buyer through the funnel with enough finesse and convince them to not only take a look but also get excited about the opportunity? Can they get those potential buyers to then translate that excitement into a great offer? They need to be able to achieve all this while keeping the buyer focused on the value-driving intangibles of your company and ensuring that they see the maximum value that your company would unlock in their hands.
  • Can the advisor get the deal closed? With value lying in intangibles and the resulting complexities that it creates, getting through due diligence involves managing a process where buyers are looking for a reason not to buy and their fiduciary agents are looking for a reason to lower the price. Does the brokerage have an experienced team that can manage this process and keep the buyer moving forward diligently while maintaining maximum deal value?

The process at Lion Business Brokers was built by answering these questions. We have the largest active funnel of buyers, the strongest process, and the best methods of ensuring a closing. That is why we successfully sell companies every year, year in and year out.

At Lion Business Advisors our foundation is built on the following:


We focus on our core business offerings, Business Sales, Business Valuations, & Mergers & Acquisitions. Most importantly, everything we have built, our continuing education through the International Business Broker Association is purely dedicated to selling companies.

Fiduciary Responsibility

We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. If you do not have a successful exit, we do not have a successful engagement. Our goal is to obtain maximum value for our clients. Every LBB team member working on your engagement has a personal financial tie to the success of your goals. We know that success in our role requires that we have your confidence and trust.


Because we are so focused on business sales, sell-side M&A and particularly on owner-operated companies, we understand that the business sale process is about far more than the spreadsheets. We know that our clients have a story of how they obtained success and our job is to tell the story. We understand that every company is a family company regardless of who is on the payroll. Our process is flexible enough to handle all these issues, and our personnel are trained and ready to assist you in the process, finding the buyer, and closing the deal.

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Recently Closed Transactions

A passionate team working to achieving better results for our clients.

Final sales prices are not disclosed to protect the anonymity of both buyer and seller.

Established in 2010, the business has an excellent 11-year operational track record delivering electrical services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

The business has a strong brand reputation and this is evidenced by the high five-star ratings it has received on mainstream review platforms including Facebook and Google Reviews. The ratings are focused on exemplary service, and technical proficiency of the business.

Gross Revenues: $1,463,000

Sellers received multiple offers and selected the buyers who presented the best offer for them.

Established and profitable family-owned business comprised of indoor destination based playgrounds situated in shopping malls catering to walk-in customers and amusement rentals for birthday parties, homeschool trips, team events, fundraising events and more. This company provides an extensive range of amusement rentals, including bounce houses, water slides, dry slides, interactive games, carnival rides, mobile rock climbing walls, carnival games, and a range of party add-ons suitable for any occasion.

Gross Revenues: $1,480,000

The center’s success is evidenced by a positive financial performance, 100% utilization rate over the past few years and a waitlist of 6-12 months. Many parents have had more than one child enrolled in the school for many years – with most parents finding the school through word-of-mouth referrals.

Gross Revenues: $775,000
SDE: $295,000

Sellers received multiple offers and selected the buyers who presented the best offer for them. 

Joint Commission accredited, licensed IOP/PHP in-network Addiction Treatment Center located in North Texas. The company has been in business since 2018 and they have developed a reputation as one of the premier providers of process addiction treatment services with clients originating from across the entire United States.

Gross Revenues: $1,200,000

An independent clinical laboratory for sale in Texas. The lab provides various types of blood testing services, as well as flu and allergy testing. They are CLIA certified and COLA accredited, as well as Medicare and Medicaid certified. They do business throughout the state of Texas.

Gross Revenues: $3,000,000
SDE: $600,000

A profitable company in the craft beverage industry, in the niche market of draught systems design, installation and service. This company is leading the charge in with a focus on customer service and quality equipment. The team is an experienced group that is passionate about what they do and take great pride in serving customers well.

Gross Revenues: $1,175,000
SDE: $225,000

Southwestern themed gourmet gift basket company with an excellent online reputation. 

Gross Revenues: $381,000
SDE: $122,000

Liquidation of an antiquities shop combined with a rare coin dealer.  

Gross Revenues: $575,000
Assets: $475,000

Gross Revenues: $1,200,000
SDE: $450,000

Automotive repair shop specializing in transmission repair. 

Gross Revenues: $785,000
SDE: $186,000