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What is a Business Valuation?

Business valuations are commonly referred to as business appraisals that are performed by certified valuators who adhere to published valuation standards set forth by well-known, accredited organizations. A business valuation report issued by a firm with certified valuators holds credibility. Our valuation experts are certified by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) – the most recognized and esteemed organization in the valuation industry.

When Do You Need a Business Valuation?

Whether you are a business owner contemplating the sale of your business, raising bank capital or investor equity, pursuing a legal claim, preparing your succession or planning any array of accounting and IRS-related reporting events – you will want to obtain a valuation report that is credible and protects you against others from discrediting the valuation.

If you are facing any of these life events or at risk of possible IRS-related penalties or losing more than $5,900 on your transaction, then we highly recommend the insight provided by a business valuation report.

Your business valuation report will:

In some instances, you may choose to provide the valuation report to your counterparty to further strengthen the reliability of the valuation and remove barriers. In other cases, you may be required to disclose the valuation report as required by the IRS when gifting shares or purchasing a business.

Professional Valuation Services

Our initial listing consultations are complimentary. If you are looking for a more detailed analysis of your business, we would be happy to discuss the valuation service that best suites your business needs. 

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Certified or Non-Certified. Which Report is Right for Me?

Business valuation reports can be prepared for many different purposes. That’s why we offer two types of business valuation reports: Non-Certified and Certified. Below is a summary of what these two reports entail, how they differ, and when you might benefit most from each.

Non-Certified Reports (also referred to as Broker Opinion of Value or Informational Reports) are less time-intensive to produce and more affordable. Typically 30-40 pages, these reports provide valuable insight to establish a market price, support exit planning or inform internal business planning decisions. The Non-Certified report is best suited for individuals who don’t need a certified valuation and are comfortable with more limited procedures and reporting. All reports are prepared by financial analysts of our valuation team.

Certified Valuation Report

Certified Valuation Reports are prepared by a certified business appraiser. Typically 65-100 pages, these reports include in-depth written analysis of the nature & history of company, industry & economy, financial analysis and conclusion of value. This type of report is best when you expect a lot of scrutiny over the value or when there is a high level of interest in detailed support and explanation of the valuation.

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Will My Information Be Secure?

Yes. As a new client, you will register to gain access to our secure portal. The portal will be used to collect information and provide your completed valuation report once it is ready. You will not send us sensitive documents and information over unsecure email.

For returning clients, please log-in anytime to add or edit your information. You will be notified via email when your report is ready for download.

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