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Listing #41011 Disruptive Technology Patents With Decades Of Protection

Commercial cooking equipment produces a lot of grease-laden vapors which can cause
damage to equipment, fires in kitchens, and harm the environment. This technology
helps to capture the grease-laden vapors prior to them leading to these dangerous side
effects. This captured grease can then be sent out for recycling rather than go through
the customer’s vents and ruining their equipment.

Potential Target Industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Shopping Centers
  • Universities
  • Municipalities

This High-Efficiency Mist Collector collects 95% of airborne mist particles of 0.3 microns
and larger before they can cause problems, and the product can be added to any hood
in the industry, representing a $5 Billion potential market

  • Patented Filter
  • Numerous Trade Secrets
  • Lower Energy Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Lower Insurance Cost Potential
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Better Green/Eco Credentials

A large company could add this product to their portfolio for customers looking to save
on operating costs and go green. Or, an entrepreneurial client could easily get their
money back by selling licenses across the country, and make money through a royalty
model. For example, an acquiring company could sell Licenses in 25 MAFSI areas for
$250K each and bring in $6.25M plus royalties.

Three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into the patent development
process. Founder has 30+ years of experience, along with multiple successful exits,
and is willing to stay on for up to one year in order to help the new owner bring this
patent to life. This product is ready to be brought to market, it just needs someone who
is ready for an exciting product launch.

For more information on Listing #41011 please request an NDA with Todd Hagopian