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Listing #31168 | Thriving Nail Studio Producing Art on Nails

The business is a well-established nail studio, highly respected for its solid commitment to providing a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ community members and allies. It is a multi-faceted business with a reliable local and international client base and actively supports local community groups.

The business specializes in a broad range of nail and beauty services. Its nail services, in particular, have contributed significantly to its popularity, as demonstrated by the impressive level of engagement that it organically experiences from its substantial number of followers on Instagram.

Apart from nail services, the business also offers eyebrow microblading, eyelash extensions and tinting, tooth gems, tattoos, waxing, and other in-demand skincare services. Notwithstanding the substantial revenue it drives from its salons, it also offers an excellent range of cruelty-free and vegan beauty products.

The business is backed by 58 employees across its two locations, including highly experienced nail technicians trained to provide clients with the highest level of satisfaction. As such, the business experiences a substantial rate of word-of-mouth recommendations, increasing its potential for further growth.

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