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Lion Business Brokers Hires Nicholas Gillespie

Bloomington, Ind., Lion Business Brokers is pleased to announce the hiring of Nicholas Gillespie as Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor for Indiana.

Nicholas Gillespie joins the team at Lion Business Brokers with an extensive background in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and engineering in Bloomington, Indiana, where he started his first business at the age of eighteen. He attended Indiana University and studied Business, Finance, Mechanical Engineering, and Entrepreneurship.

He loves taking on tough problems and generating a viable solution. He says, “I never get tired of finding ways to benefit both sellers and buyers across all industries of sales and connections. It is a great feeling and helps drive my day to day.” He appreciates connecting with people to help facilitate aligned goals and outcomes.

“I’ve always been creative by nature,” he reveals. In his additional spare time, Nicholas enjoys blacksmithing and working on his independent designs as a Mechanical Engineer. He has submitted three patents in the firearms industry and hopes to expand to additional industries in the future.

He grew up working closely with Habitat for Humanity and enjoyed collaborating with the general contractors on the builds. Nicholas makes an effort to support small businesses in the community and offer guidance or support where it is needed.

Nicholas is a member of the International Business Broker Association, and a Certified Business Broker by the North American Alliance of Business Brokers.

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