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It can be quite tiring and demanding for an individual when it comes to buying a new business or selling an old business in the market. That is why experts suggest businesses to make use of the services of a business broker to help you easily manage the processes for a smoother transition during and after the sale. Basically, business brokers help people sell their businesses. The said expert will evaluate your business, collect necessary data on the business and suggest the owner appropriate selling range. Globally, there are various business brokers delivering outstanding services, but Lion Business Brokers stands out from the rest. Lion Business Brokers believed that there was a better way to do business in the business brokerage industry. The company wanted to focus on customer service, putting the clients’ goals and objectives above commissions.

The team has built an offering around providing a higher level of service than most in the industry are willing to provide to their clients. Lion Business Brokers strategically and confidentially help business owners sell their business for maximum value. The company’s core business offerings are Business Sales, Business Valuations, & Mergers & Acquisitions. Most importantly, everything Lion Business Brokers has built and its continuing education through the International Business Broker Association is purely dedicated to selling companies.

In conversation with Joshua Carnes, President of Lion Business Brokers

Q. How can a business broker help a client looking to sell an existing business?

Business brokers have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. They are the go-between for any potential buyers and the seller. On average, our Sr. M&A Advisors will speak to 150 – 200+ potential buyers on any given transaction. The time alone this saves a business owner is invaluable. A good broker also knows how to navigate the due diligence process. We tell our clients that this is the part of the deal where buyers are looking for a reason not to buy the business, and buyer’s consultants are looking for a reason to get a better deal. A skilled specialist must strategically navigate the due diligence process and ensure a successful transaction.

Q. What is the process for acquiring and selling a business and how do you fit into the process?

At Lion Business Brokers, we manage the entire process from the initial marketing of the business, interviewing and qualifying potential buyers, project management of the due diligence process and so much more. We walk with our seller clients every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.

Q. How has technology transformed the business brokerage segment?

Technology is instrumental in business sales today. It plays a role in everything from valuations to marketing business to international buyers to how we keep in touch with our clients.

Q. Why do companies hire business brokers to help facilitate purchases and sales?

The initial reason business owners reach out to brokers is the confidentiality that we bring to the table. Putting a “for sale” sign in the window can sometimes cause employees or customers to panic due to the unknown. We are able to list and market businesses without putting that for sale sign in the window, which helps ensure a smooth transition to a new owner. Most business owners generally end up selecting us because of the high-level strategic marketing we bring to the table for our clients.

Q. Lion Business Brokers recently announced that it is now offering certified business valuations. Can you tell us about this major announcement and how it impacts your clients?

We are really excited to have added a NACVA Certified Valuation Analyst to the team and are now offering Certified Business Valuations. Business valuations are commonly referred to as business appraisals that are performed by certified valuators who adhere to published valuation standards set forth by well-known, accredited organizations. A business valuation report issued by a firm with certified valuators holds credibility. NACVA is the National Association of Certified Value Analyst and is considered to be the “gold standard” in business valuations. This means we can now offer bank-level business valuations to our clients to ensure the highest level of service.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

The future is truly bright for us at the moment. We have officially opened another office in Oklahoma and are continuing to expand throughout the United States.

Meet the leader behind the success of Lion Business Brokers

Joshua Carnes is President and Sr. M&A Adviser of Lion Business Brokers. Joshua takes a measured and analytical approach to Mergers and Acquisitions, armed with data and research that helps business owners reach the right audience of potential buyers. As President of the company, Joshua brings clients an impressive background in marketing and consulting, with extensive training from the hands of a former CMO of Oracle. Years of high-level strategic marketing experience helped prepare Joshua to lead Lion Business Brokers and its successful team of Mergers and Acquisition Advisers.

Selling a business takes trust, and Joshua has worked hard to build that over his career. Joshua relies on lessons he learned while working for both privately and publicly held national and international companies to get the job done. “Our goal is to set the bar high on the level of service business owners should expect when engaging with professionals in the M&A industry”, he says. Every deal he and his team facilitate requires laser-focused attention to detail.

Joshua looks for advisers like himself, experts who are ready to handle every step of the process, to help business owners make informed decisions. “I love working with business owners,” Joshua says. “Every transaction is unique and brings its own set of challenges. I’m a problem-solver. There is no boring repetition in this industry.” In addition to attention to detail, confidentiality is key when selling a business, and Joshua works diligently to ensure all transactions remain private.

Every M&A Advisor with Lion Business Brokers is a member of the International Business Broker Association, has their CBI, or is working toward becoming a Certified Business Intermediary, and several advisors are recognized as Industry Experts by Business Brokerage Press Inc. & Business Reference Guide.

2022 has been a great year for Lion Business Brokers, not only has LBB expanded with new advisors and new offices but they have also been recognized as top 10 “Business Brokerage Service” by Biz Tools Pros, “Most Trusted Specialist, for Private Equity Firms 2022” by the Texas Business Awards and continue to win awards and receive acknowledgment for their success in the industry.

“As a trusted name in the industry, we’re your best resource for selling your business.”