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An Interview With Joshua Carnes on Total Prestige Magazine

The process of starting and running a successful business is both art and science yet rarely do we consider the added mastery required to sell an established firm once ownership decides to sell a business.

That’s where Certified Business Intermediaries like those at Lion Business Brokers step into the picture.

While undoubtedly experts in their fields and knowledgeable of their own firms’ competencies and areas for growth, selling that potential to a would-be buyer for top dollar is often a more fraught process than ownership realizes.

After all, each party is looking to maximize their gains and the presence of an intermediary agent helps them both come to a common, middle ground.

This often requires synthesizing a wide array of disciplines. Joshua Carnes’ career is a testament to that.

Starting with a background in marketing and consulting, Joshua rose to the top of Lion Business Brokers driven partially by his love for the deal and all that it entails from due diligence to closing.

We sat down with Joshua Carnes to talk about the future of Lion Business Brokers as well as that of the industry at large, covering aspects of his career and work as well as a detour into his personal life with a discussion about what drives him outside of work.

Delving into topics such as Lion Business Brokers’ new business valuation service, we explore what makes a successful business brokerage deal in addition to some of the high-level processes employed to match a firm with the ideal potential buyer. We explore Joshua Carnes’ career prior to LBB, what major influences have shaped his approach towards business, and what motivates him outside of the office, specifically his commitments to family and community. Looking ahead, we conclude with a forward-looking statement about both LBB and the business brokerage industry. 

You can read the full article {HERE}