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Jim Calhoun

M&A Advisor

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An astute problem-solver, Jim brings decades-worth of experience to the role of Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor. From project management in the technology sector to brokering deals in commercial real estate, he believes that structure and processes are intrinsic to successful outcomes. A systematic person by nature, he is driven by the challenge of reaching for goals that others would pass off as unattainable. Instead, he approaches these with a tried and tested process of understanding the client’s goals, conducting intensive research to uncover any and all obstacles as well as opportunities to overcome them, and then applying best practices that advance toward positive outcomes in the form of satisfied clients and successful transactions.

As facilities manager at Acer technologies, Jim was responsible for establishing and overseeing multiple service centers across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. As new products were introduced, Jim instituted new release practices that would ensure smooth roll-outs. Under processes he implemented in the automotive service business, sales grew by 35%, profits by 65%. Customer satisfaction soared in the win-win experience he always aimed to create.

When asked what attracted him to Lion Business Advisors, Jim points to the culture of success that the company is recognized for. “The strategic thinking, resourcefulness, and leveraging of technology that we, as a team, bring to the table give businesses the confidence and trust that their transaction, whether buying or selling, is in the hands of true professionals. High standards and a results-driven mindset are paramount here.”

An early morning run or workout lifting weights are Jim’s way of staying in top form to meet whatever challenges the day brings. He and his wife, Laura, savor family time with their grown children and their young families. Jim readily admits that being a grandparent is a joy that never fails to bring a positive outlook to his day.
Jim is a member of the International Business Broker Association, and a Certified Business Broker by the North American Alliance of Business Brokers.

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