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Darshan Honale

Darshan H

Sr. M&A Advisor | CM&AA

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Darshan H is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and a M&A advisor with a wide spectrum of experiences. He brings over 15 yrs of professional experience in Technology Product Management, Startup Fundraising, Business, and M&A. Over the years he has worked in India, Germany, Singapore, US and Canada. His business journey started with running an insurance agency while in college. Starting a business, scaling, hiring and building teams has been his expertise. He has worked in a wide range of industries like Software Development, Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom, Staffing and Consulting. He focuses on maximizing the business value by growth strategies, digital transformation, strategic partnerships, creative deal structures, and financing options.  

He loves to travel, hike and experience new cultures and food. 

He is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Business Management.

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