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Bradley Moore

Bradley Moore

M&A Advisor

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Bradley brings over a decade of business & sales experience to Lion Business Brokers. He shares their culture and their reputation of success and is highly motivated to make an impact by bringing his negotiating expertise and his connections across a wide variety of industries, to all of his clients for quality and consistent growth. Bradley understands the importance of resourcefulness and aims to apply these resources for his client’s best use. He can connect buyers and sellers with the best matches for their top-priority needs.  By providing clients with the right resources, Bradley delivers a perfect recipe for success and cooperation that clients can depend on. He values integrity and confidentiality in all aspects of business, while still utilizing his large networks’ potential. From the auto industry to companies specializing in home remodeling, he is familiar with the intricacies of a successful business and knows how to prioritize short and long-term goals.

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