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Professional Referral Program for A Successful Partnership

Our referral programs were created to provide your clients with the strategic insight they require to succeed in today’s market. At Lion Business Advisors we believe in order for clients to make an informed decision on when the correct time to exit is, they must have the right partnerships in place before exiting.  

The team at Lion Business Advisors is here to work with you as a strategic partner for the benefit of our mutual clients. This process will involve open lines of communication including joint meetings when necessary, and a collaborative approach to exit planning. 

Strategic Partnerships for Mutual Client Success

Our partners include Accountants, Lawyers, Marketing Agencies, Exit Planners, Financial Advisors, CPA’s, etc.

How our Partnership Program Works

Step 1.

Introduce your client to LBA for a strategic exit consultation.

Step 2.

LBA will provide a MPSP, (Most Probable Sales Price) to your client. 

Step 3.

Work with your client to make an informed decision on the right time to sell. 

Step 4.

Upon engagement, LBA will market and “List” your clients business for sale.

Step 5.

Upon closing, LBA will pay the agreed-upon referral fee

What clients are a good fit for Lion Business Advisors?

We are happy to provide a “MPSP” or Most Probable Sales Price to any business looking to know what their business could sell for on the market today.  With that, our sweet spot is business with an enterprise value range of $5 Million to $50 Million, across various industries. 

We do have a “Main Street” team that can work with those clients below $5 Million in EV, but the process is a little different for those clients over $50 Million. You should consider having your clients work with a licensed investment banker. We are happy to make an introduction for you and your client if we are not a great fit.  

Making the Most Out of Your Confidentiality Agreements

Benefits for Your Clients

Partnering with Lion Business Advisors gives your clients the information required for them to make an informed decision on whether now is the right time to sell or if more preparation is required. 

Advantages for your Client: 
  • Unbiased Market Knowledge
  • Risk Reduction, Advanced knowledge of deal structure 
  • Expansive International Buyer Network
  • Maximize the Final Value of the Business
  • Professional Advisor Network

Benefits for You

Partnering with us could give your firm the advantage of a peer-to-peer collaboration on business development and monetary revenue. Your firm may benefit from more billable hours, and more quality referrals. On top of the added monetary gain, you will also benefit from the sharing of ideas, procedures, and systems which could in turn increase the efficiency of your firm.

Advantages for the Professional:
  • New Client Acquisition
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Succession Plan/Exit Strategy
  • Human Resources Strategies
  • Revenue Sharing
Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Expand Your Clients Strategic Advantage Today.

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